Winners of Copa America A Look into the History of South American Football [1]

2023-05-26 02:52:09

Winners of Copa America A Look into the History of South American Football [1]

Football is a religion in South America, and the Copa America tournament is the ultimate stage for the continent's top teams to prove their worth. From its inception in 1916, the tournament has witnessed some fascinating footballing tales. In this article, we analyze the most successful teams, players, and stories from over 100 years of South American football.

1. The Most Successful Teams

Traditionally, three teams have dominated the Copa America - Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Argentina holds the record for most titles, having lifted the trophy 15 times. Brazil is a close second with nine wins. Uruguay has won the tournament 15 times - a feat matched only by their Argentine rivals. Other notable winners include Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, and Peru.

2. Legendary Players

South American football has bred some of the world's finest players. Pele and Maradona are two of the most iconic figures to have graced the tournament. Pele won the Copa America twice with Brazil, in 1959 and 1963. Diego Maradona, on the other hand, won the tournament only once, in 1991 with Argentina. However, he won the World Cup the previous year, and his performances in both tournaments cemented his legacy as one of football's greatest ever players.

3. Shocking Upsets

Despite the dominance of the big three teams, the Copa America has witnessed some stunning upsets over the years. In 1993, Colombia and their star player Carlos Valderrama were expected to dominate the tournament. However, they were knocked out in the group stages after losing to the USA and Argentina. In 2011, Venezuela got to the semifinals for the first time in their history and finished fourth overall. Peru, meanwhile, reached the finals in 1975, despite being 16th in the FIFA rankings at the time.

4. Controversies

The Copa America has not been without its controversies. In 1987, Uruguay and Chile were locked in a fierce semifinal battle that went to penalties. In the shootout, Chile scored what should have been the winner, but the referee disallowed it. Chile went on to lose the shootout, and the Uruguayan players were attacked by Chilean fans as they left the pitch. The tournament also saw a doping controversy in 2019, when the Brazilian footballer Gabriel Jesus was suspended from the final for a positive drug test.

5. Modern Trends

The Copa America has evolved over the years, and it now attracts worldwide attention. In 2016, the tournament celebrated its centenary year by holding a special edition that featured teams from across the Americas. In 2019, the tournament was hosted by Brazil, and it was won by the home side. Lionel Messi, arguably the best footballer of his generation, had a disappointing tournament, and he is still searching for his first Copa America title. The tournament is scheduled to be held again in 2021, and it promises to be another exciting affair.


The Copa America is a tournament steeped in history, and it has witnessed some of football's most iconic moments. From Pele to Maradona, and from Argentina to Brazil, the tournament has produced some of football's greatest players and teams. Even as the tournament evolves, its appeal remains the same - a celebration of South American football and its passion for the beautiful game.

[1] Title: Winners of Copa America: A Look into the History of South American Football

Winners of Copa America A Look into the History of South American Football [1]

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